Men's Modal Underwear

When was the last time you scrolled down to read the product description before adding new underwear to your online shopping cart? It’s good practice, tells you a lot about the underwear type, fit and composition. Next time you do, pay attention to the fabric composition. No, don’t remove from cart because it doesn’t say “cotton”, I need you to look out for “Modal”; it’s about to be your new best friend. If you have real life friends then Modal will settle for being your favourite underwear fabric.

Why choose Modal?

Modal is about 50% more absorbent than cotton. It’s easy to care for, resistant to shrinkage and you’ll wear it till you’re sick of it!

The environment:

Let’s start with the serious stuff; Modal is a soft, high quality, semi-synthetic fibre belonging to the “Rayon” family. It’s semi synthetic, produced with naturally occurring cellulose, sourced from renewable crop (plants and wood), which makes it carbon neutral when sourced responsibly. If you’re thinking “what about pollution from production?” Modal production is manufactured in a closed loop, meaning that whatever chemicals are used, are captured and reused. Even better, the finished product is completely biodegradable!

Have I almost sold you? Or are you still thinking “why is this an alternative to cotton?” You know how I said it’s soft? It’s also strong! It’s easy to care for, resistant to shrinkage and you’ll wear it till you’re sick of it! I mean, I don’t think you’ll get sick of this model underwear. It’s not likely to slack or get any random holes before you’re ready for a new style. Don’t you want to be kind to your skin as well as the environment? Look at you saving the planet with the choices you make for your junk! I’m so proud of you.

The Blends

Okay, you’re almost there but you’re thinking; “this sounds great, but I like the way cotton feels against my skin” I think you mean you like the way it feels against your beautiful but cheeks, we’re all friends here. Well, you’re in luck! I haven’t actually asked you to give up cotton! Modal plays nice with cotton as well as a range of other fabrics! It improves the functionality of a range of fabrics; blending with cotton to increase its strength and reduce shrinking over time. Lycra and Spandex also blend well with Modal, to improve flexibility and strength. Modal really is versatile in the way it blends with other fabrics, creating beautiful, durable, lightweight blends that feel like pure sin against your skin! Experiment with a few blends and see which ones you love; buy them all and thank me later.

It's durable

In case you missed it, Modal is durable. It’s such an important feature of this fabric, it can’t be buried in another section.

It is a tightly woven fabric that is easy to care for and dries easily when in a pinch. It also withstands stress beautifully. Modal underwear will adapt to whatever activities you put it through, it’ll show off your package in the bedroom, stretch with you as you squat in the gym and return to position as you break your “personal best”. It’ll see you through a hike, mountain climbing and the hearty KFC you’ll be downing to recover from all that activity (just me? Okay). Basically, buy this pair today and it may be there while you dance at your grandchild’s wedding.


Remember how I said Modal underwear would feel nice and comfortable during a workout? It’ll also keep you dry as you work up a sweat either in the gym or your exercise location of choice. It’s also suitable for warmer climates and hotter seasons.

While Cotton is the go-to fabric for absorbency, Modal is about 50% more absorbent than cotton, its micro pockets do a great job absorbing any water and sweat it comes in contact with! I’m not recommending you use your modal underwear as an umbrella but it can be your gym companion as its natural properties that encourage breathability and make it a fabulous outfit choice for men’s underwear.


I already mentioned this but I have to repeat it because it’s important; modal is soft! Have you ever slept in decadent silk sheets? If you’re in my tax bracket, maybe satin sheets but they’re close enough. That’s the best explanation I can give on how good Modal feels against your skin. The smooth texture provides a natural softness that is hard to replicate. It also drapes beautifully against your package, making it the main attraction when your clothes come off.

If you’re the kind of man that wears silk/satin underwear every day, more power to you; for the rest of you gents who want to have that feeling without all the ceremony, give Modal a go! Even after several washes, it’ll feel soft and smooth against your skin. Need I say more?

Grab a pair!

Modal has so many properties that make it a great choice for men’s underwear. It’s a great choice for those of you who care about sustainable choices in your fashion. It’s adaptable to a range of activities and the easy care will please my fellow lazy buggers out there.

You might have to splurge a bit but Modal is an investment. It’s affordable luxury; it feels and looks as good as much more expensive fabric and It’ll last you for a very long time.

If I haven’t sold you on Modal yet, you might need a trial to convince you. Go ahead and grab one of these options in your favourite styles and colours. Trust me, you won’t regret it.