7 Embarrassing Underwear Questions Men Don't Ask But Should Ask!

7 Embarrassing Underwear Questions Men Don't Ask But Should Ask!

If you’re a grown man in charge of making your own doctor’s appointments or buying your own underwear, I'm sure there are a few things you'd like to know but are too afraid to ask. Before you come at me, I agree, you’re a big strong man and you fear nothing.

It’s not fear holding you back, maybe you just find these questions and the fact that you have them somewhat embarrassing. Also, who can you ask? Since you’re not 12 years old, I imagine calling your mum is out of the question. While these conversations might be easier between gay men, I don’t imagine many straight guys feel comfortable asking their boys about itchy balls halfway through your pint at the pub and I know you’re not interrupting football to discuss underwear choices. Worry not, this is a safe space.

Let me read your mind and answer those questions you may be too embarrassed to ask.

Question 1 - How often should I change my underwear?

My fellow lazy boys might not like this answer since it requires laundry but please, please, please, change your underwear every day. Ideally after every shower, but even on days you decide to skip a shower, please throw on a fresh pair of underwear.

If you’ve had a workout or been out and about on a particularly warm summer day, please have a shower and throw on another fresh pair of underwear.

With how close your underwear is to your genitals, it’s important to maintain proper hygiene, and changing your underwear is a big part of that. You want to avoid moisture build-up and avoid infection.

I know you’re particularly proud of how your package looks, but you need to also be proud of how it smells. You don’t want your partner making polite excuses when they catch a musty whiff as you try to nudge their face a little lower down south.

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Question 2 - How many pairs of underwear do I need?

This feels like the natural next question after I've asked you to change your underwear at least once a day, although I have no idea who actually counts the number of underwear they have in their dresser. There’s no magic number, how many pairs of underwear a man should have depends on several lifestyle factors. If you’re a man who enjoys underwear; shop till your heart’s content, I know I do.

If you’re an underwear for essentials man on the other hand; I’d advise a minimum number based on how often you do laundry, how much you exercise, and how hot it is where you live. Anyone who tells you Seven Pairs is too optimistic in their laundry expectations; if you work out 3 times a week and do laundry every second week then 14-20 might be your magic number. If that terrifies you, don’t panic, you don’t have to buy all your underwear at once, and you can build up your collection over time. Start with multipacks.

Question 3 - Do I really need to throw out this underwear?

You might be thinking you need to hold on to old underwear since you’ve been advised to change your underwear frequently but bruh, some of your underwear have seen better days and need to be set free.
You know the one I'm talking about; yes that one with holes in the waistband. You know the one, the one with frayed seams. The one with the slack waistband.

I get it, you’re not vain but I promise you, your crown jewels deserve to be housed in underwear that is fit for purpose. You do not need to hold on to the underwear from when you were fourteen, you know it’s seen awful things and deserves to be laid to rest. Go ahead and check out the Club Seven Legacy Collection and replace that old underwear today. If you take care to choose the right size and fabrics, you can hold on to underwear in good shape for much longer.

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Question 4 - Does underwear fabric matter?

If you’re a Club Seven regular, you know we take underwear very seriously here, and that includes underwear fabric. The way your underwear feels against your skin is important for your comfort and different fabrics have qualities that cater to your unique needs.

Here at Club Seven Menswear, we are partial to Modal and Bamboo as we love luxurious feeling underwear, with moisture-wicking properties that leave a man feeling fresh and luxe all day long. The wrong fabric can leave you feeling uncomfortable in ways that we are loath to mention.

Question 5 - Why do I itch a lot down there?

I think this may be the question some men find most embarrassing. Or maybe you’ve settled into the scratch, scratch, sniff routine as you see no way out. I’m here to tell you that if you follow the answers I've already given so far, this situation may soon be a thing of the past.

Itching is mostly down to three main factors; infection, moisture, or ill-fitting underwear. If you choose the right fabric, it can prevent sitting your package in moisture and giving rise to itchy infection. Extremely tight underwear that cuts off your circulation will suffocate your nether regions and then scratch, scratch, sniff.

If you’re still itching despite regularly changing your well-fitting underwear, it might be time to pull up your big boy moisture-wicking pants and give your doctor a call.

Question 6 - Which underwear style should I wear?

This is such a valid question as men’s underwear has evolved so much in recent decades and there’s so much to choose from. The underwear style you choose depends on what you want out of it; functionality, comfort or raising the temperature and heart rates of those fortunate enough to see you in the buff or just close enough. At Club Seven Menswear, we cater to all these underwear needs with Boxers, Trunks, Briefs, Thongs and Jockstraps

Some men have a signature style and if you ask me (which it seems you are), I say every man should have a comfort style and then explore. Sure you might feel most comfy in briefs but a thong may surprise you and you may need a few jockstraps handy to bust out for special occasions.

 Question 7- Is it ok to go commando?

I get it, this may all seem like too much effort and you just want to let the boys hang loose and breathe. If you incorporate good underwear habits slowly into your regular routine, you won't even have to actively think about your underwear choices. I think it’s perfectly fine to give the boys some air and let them breathe as long as you’re not risking a public indecency charge. Lazy Sundays on the sofa almost scream “go commando”.

See? That wasn’t so bad, was it? Underwear and your nether regions don’t have to be hush-hush, and you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Now since I'm not that skilled a mind reader, let me know if I've missed any of your burning (no pun intended) questions and I'll do my best to get you the answers you need. And because you’ve done such a good job looking for these answers, treat yourself to some luxe underwear from Club Seven Menswear. You’ve earned it.


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