Gay Men & Underwear

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Gay Men & Underwear

Gay men know looking good is good business and while most of us may only see the fashionable exterior, they make sure to look good from the inside out. Gay men love great underwear and why shouldn’t they? The underwear loves them right back!

Underwear matters to gay men both in and out of the bedroom, and for a variety of reasons.

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Underwear Aisle

For a lot of gay men, their sexual awakening and introduction to their identity is tied to underwear. For the older gay men, some remember the mix of anxiety, confusion and excitement as their pre-teen selves walked past rows and rows of bare-chested men, bulges packaged in snug white briefs posing with hands behind their heads, and pelvises tilted forward as they shopped with their mothers. Some remember having to wait for magazines and catalogues to arrive in the post. They remember flipping through pages of men they were not meant to desire and desiring them anyway and the eventual realisation of why they felt the way they did.

Some younger gay men tell me they remember doing double takes as they went past blown-up billboards with muscled thighs framed by snug-fitting underwear and lingering too long on the Instagram posts of men modelling jockstraps before opening the Instagram page and scrolling for extended periods of time.

To those gay men, underwear will always have a special place in their hearts and they will always celebrate it. Let’s leave the mushy stuff aside and focus on why gay men love underwear in the bedroom.

In the boudoir (or whatever sexy corners you find yourself, you sexy beast), underwear to gay men, is what lingerie is to women, very important! Hey, presents are nice, but isn’t unwrapping them so much fun! Whole straight men might only care what underwear their partners have on, gay men will not be outdone. They will look good enough to eat when the clothes fall off. And tell me, how much sexier is sex when you look good enough to eat, decadent even?

Outside the bedroom, some gay men think of their clothes and underwear by extension as battle armour, essential for slaying – dragons optional. Why does it matter so much outside the bedroom when you can’t see it? I’ll tell you for free, that outfit must have a solid base, just like every house must have a foundation and every face beat must-have primer (debate me). And no one knows this like gay men. The right underwear sets off the rest of their outfits to perfection and gives gay men an extra confidence boost to slay each day.

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Gay men also choose their underwear based on a range of factors from personality to activity. A nice pair of boxers might be fine for a day of lounging at home. Trunks might go under plain but stylish work trousers but if need to feel a lot more fierce between daily stand-ups, or have a hot date right after, a cheeky jockstrap might be just the thing. Fiery red briefs might be just the underwear for a gay man who wants to feel a little more fierce under his clothes but wants more security while another man might choose a thong while feeling more adventurous. When it comes to gay men and underwear, the options are limitless and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Gay Men's Underwear

Shout out to gay men who are true underwear lovers! They drive the now multimillion-dollar underwear market and keep us in business! Here at Club Seven, our founder and head designer is an openly gay international model who is passionate about underwear and it shows in every piece. That’s why gay men and others love our underwear.

It brings us such pleasure when you show off our designs in sexy snaps or strut them under power suits. So to all gay men who are lovers of underwear; be your boxers, briefs, thongs, trunks or jockstrap type of man, you make our jobs worth doing.

PS: Gay men, tell a straight man there’s more to life than a dull multipack in black and grey! Your straight/bi sisters will thank you!



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