How to love your underwear - Washing your underwear

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You might be tempted to scroll past this blog, chucking it in your mental “not for me” or “not applicable” pile because you’re an underwear lover like me and you already love every piece of underwear in your drawer, especially your club seven pieces, *wink, wink* you wouldn’t spend your money if you didn’t. Don’t skip, you’re in the right place, because while you may “love your underwear” let us guide you on how to show your underwear love.

Don’t be tempted to skip after the first part if you’re the type of fella who views underwear in a utilitarian sense, thinking “I don't need to love it, it just needs to do its job”. If you want your gorgeous Club Seven underwear to keep doing the fantastic job it does with your package each day, you have to show it love.

We know the temptation to throw your underwear in the wash with the rest of your clothes and get on with your day is really strong but we urge you to resist! We are as much of a lazy bugger as the next guy but we love our underwear, We spend a good amount of time designing the best men's underwear from the UK, and we rather not contribute to landfill any more than we have to. Showing love to underwear is a necessity, and washing it is the first step. Here are a few ways to wash your underwear with love.

Instructions instructions instructions!

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Washing your underwear right is as simple as reading the instructions. Go ahead and grab your favourite Club Seven underwear and you’ll find the washing instructions on the waistband. If you follow them as closely as possible, washing your underwear just the way they like it, you’ll be showing your underwear the love it deserves and it’ll thank you with more years of service.

Choose the right Settings

One popular way to show love is touch and your underwear is no different. Hand washing is always the optimal choice for maintaining the integrity of your underwear, but I understand that it’s not always feasible. If you go with the washing machine, choose a cool wash and opt for the “delicates” cycle. It’s less abrasive and will help slow down wear and tear.

How to wash your underwear, mens underwear uk, best mens underwear uk, men's underwear uk, best men's underwear uk, men underwear uk

Preparation is key

 Before throwing your underwear in the wash, make sure to turn it inside out to reduce further wear and tear. We all love a good mixer but avoid the temptation to let your other clothes join the party when you throw your underwear in the wash. Saving time on a cycle will cost you money and precious pieces of underwear. If you're feeling fancy and extra loving, get a mesh wash bag to protect your beloved underwear even further.

 Dry au naturel

If you’re already an eco-friendly fella who air dries all his clothes, good for you! For my fellow dryer eco-terrorists, maybe make an exception for your underwear. It’s a little extra effort, but it’ll be better in the long run for your underwear, your energy bills, and the environment. Go save the world one load of laundry at a time you sexy, eco-friendly beast!

We all need some TLC

You can see the general theme here is tender loving care. While folding away your laundry, I suggest you put on a podcast or call your mate on Facetime while you settle in to inspect the gorgeous and hopefully still sturdy pieces of underwear that will be housing your crown jewels. Use a fabric shaver to remove any pilling and snip frays or threads with scissors.

If you love something, you take care of it and you show love to all things you want to maintain. At Club Seven, we’ve taken care to select the best quality fabrics and create comfortable, flattering and accessible underwear. We provide care instructions in every pair of underwear (not this full list, imagine the itch!). Every piece is crafted with love and we hope you treat each piece with love so they can serve you as long as possible.


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