Luxury Men's Underwear Brand of the Year 2023

Luxury Men's Underwear Brand of the Year 2023

Underwear – it’s something we all wear throughout our day-to-day lives. However, it’s not typically what we think of investing in, and most times this can result in us having drawers filled with uncomfortable, low-quality underwear that struggles to stand the test of time. However, Club Seven Menswear recognizes the importance of luxury underwear for men and presents men of all shapes and sizes with a myriad of options to make them feel good.

Founded by International fitness and underwear model Alex Gede, Club Seven Menswear has become a notable business in the men’s underwear sphere. Alex started his career almost a decade ago when he began in fitness competitions and modelling. Alex moved on to fashion after coming second in the Mr Africa International and Mr Ideal Nigeria competitions, in 2016.

This is when Alex decided to make a YouTube channel and worked with various men’s underwear brands, unboxing and reviewing underwear products. After having tried and tested many different kinds of underwear styles and materials for two years, Alex’s reviews and full-on campaigns – including photoshoots and content for every social media platform – he decided that the underwear didn’t meet the mark. He realized that sexy underwear wasn’t comfortable, and comfortable underwear wasn’t sexy at all. This is when Club Seven Menswear was born.

Operating as an underwear and loungewear brand that’s wholeheartedly committed to providing the most premium products to a range of individuals, Club Seven Menswear goes above and beyond for its customers. Through prioritizing comfort and functionality, it’s able to create products that are suited to every type of body, without ever having to sacrifice aesthetic. It encourages body positivity in a way that’s truly admirable to witness and is frequently praises all types of men from across the globe.


“Club Seven Underwear – a brand for true underwear lovers. A brand that will be both sexy and comfortable. Flattering and comfortable to wear all day.”

From classic brief styles to jockstraps designed with gay men in mind, Club Seven Menswear hosts a diverse range of underwear that’s sure to tailor to every occasion. Its briefs, whilst seemingly simple in design, provide men with an incredibly comfortable alternative to one of the most common forms of underwear. Specifically crafted to hug the body in all of the right places, Club Seven Menswear’s ultra-soft briefs act as a second skin, and enhance all of your best below-the-waist features in the process. These briefs may be simple, but they’re beyond effective.

However, if you’re more of a boxers man, Club Seven Menswear has you covered. Though it applies a similar approach to its patented briefs, this style of underwear is guaranteed to give you a perfect fit around your legs, without making its presence known. And with options for a regular, flat-front style, or a bespoke ‘bulge package’, customers can choose exactly how they want their underwear to look and feel. This brings a uniqueness to the brand that truly differentiates it from standard underwear companies.

Luxury Men's Underwear Brand of the Year 2023, UK Enterprise Awards 2023

And if it’s uniqueness that you’re after, look no further than Club Seven Menswear’s thongs for men. Though it may sound outlandish, men’s thongs are the peak of comfort – their design allows for a perfect fit around every customer, all whilst creating a dazzling sight that’ll leave partners speechless. Of course, if you’re simply wanting to impress yourself, Club Seven Menswear’s ultra-soft thongs are easily the go-to to define your shape whilst keeping you comfy.

Club Seven Menswear truly has thought outside of the box when it comes to underwear. It doesn’t just view it as a basic essential that doesn’t deserve care and attention – it places its full focus on designing the best of the best for each and every man. This passion and attention to detail is best seen through its extensive list of materials. Club Seven Menswear is acutely aware of the impact that it’s having on the planet, and exclusively sources eco-friendly materials to promote both comfort and sustainability.

Its most popular material is, unsurprisingly, bamboo. However, it also utilises cotton, modal, and nylon to concoct fabulous results. With each of its styles, it utilises a blend of natural materials that not only emphasise luxurious lounging, but allow buyers to contribute towards saving the planet. Each material has unique benefits that make them ideal for underwear usage, from being ultra-breathable to anti-microbial. This all culminates in a range of underwear that feels good to wear in both a physical and ecological sense.

Though underwear is its specialty, Club Seven Menswear also offers a range of loungewear that’s equally as comfortable as its main selling point. This loungewear often takes the form of t-shirts, tank tops, and crop tops, each similarly crafted from only the highest quality of sustainable materials. These ever-popular shirts are a raging hit among customers, and are regularly heralded as the best shirts they’ve ever worn. Quality doesn’t have to only apply to complex items of clothing, and Club Seven Menswear encapsulates this perfectly.

As expected of a brand that celebrates a variety of body types, Club Seven Menswear actively promotes each and every one of the models featured on its website. Comprised of a vast array of men, each hailing from a multitude of ethnicities, the portfolio of models is brimming with diverse beauty for all to appreciate. Club Seven Menswear truly sees the value behind the men that model its collections, and therefore gives them a platform to express themselves in ways that truly celebrate what beautiful male bodies are all about.

Club Seven Menswear isn’t just an underwear and loungewear company – it’s a brand bursting with passion and a love for the little things in life. Something as simple as underwear so rarely has this much thought and love poured into it, and yet Club Seven Menswear is constantly striving to expand its ranges and cater to more and more men than any other underwear company on the market. And, with its overwhelming passion for sustainable practices, it gives back to the world in every way possible.

We’re very excited to present Club Seven Menswear with the title of Luxury Men's Underwear Brand of the Year 2023. There is no brand more deserving of such an award, and with its wholehearted commitment to delivering high-quality, eco-friendly products, whilst promoting the beauty behind every body type and ethnicity, Club Seven Menswear has truly set itself apart from the competition.


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