Men’s Underwear Material Guide: Is bamboo good for men’s underwear?

Are bamboo underwear better than cotton?  Is bamboo good for mens underwear?  Is bamboo healthy for underwear?

Bamboo might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think about men’s underwear, and you’re not alone. The world of men’s underwear has long been dominated by more traditional fabrics like cotton, and while it has enough to recommend it, I for one am glad that other fabrics and blends are throwing their jockstraps in the ring to challenge the cotton monopoly. Bamboo is one of such key players in the men’s underwear battle for supremacy and has recently been gaining well-deserved popularity. Walk with me, and let me tell you why bamboo underwear might be a worthy contestant for who gets to support your crown jewels.

Some background to Bamboo; yes, it is literally made from branches of the Bamboo tree. Bamboo is quite a versatile plant, used in many forms throughout history to serve many purposes. It can be used as food, as construction material and in your case, to make soft, durable fabric that makes you feel like your balls are on a cloud.

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1. The feel

Bamboo fabric is very soft, softer even than big daddy cotton. Grab a pair of bamboo underwear before you grab your pitchforks, please. This softness is in part thanks to micro gaps in the fabric. It leaves it with not just a soft but a very smooth feel that’s downright luxurious without the silk price tag. Don’t you think your nether regions deserve to be clothed in luxury?

2. Durability

Hear me out, they use this material in construction, it stands to reason that this fabric will put in work! You might think you’re working with a significant package (don’t fight me, I'm sure you’re a big boy), but there's nothing you’re packing that bamboo underwear can’t handle. Again, choosing the right size of underwear is essential. Visit the club seven size guide.

Bamboo is also static and wrinkle-free, requiring less manipulation and care beyond washing and drying. Bamboo underwear lasts a long time, as long as you haven’t bought something in the print of your grandma’s curtain, bamboo underwear is typically money well spent.

Are bamboo underwear better than cotton?  Is bamboo good for mens underwear?  Is bamboo healthy for underwear?

3. Moisture wicking

Bamboo is gaining popularity in athletic wear and makes great underwear to support you while exercising, as it stretches to accommodate your movements. If you’re a person that’s prone to sweating or even if you just exist in warmer temperatures, bamboo’s moisture-wicking properties make bamboo underwear a fantastic choice to leave your balls dry (in the best possible way). Adding to that, Bamboo underwear is thermoregulating and will keep your crown jewels at optimal temperature.

4. Deodorising

Imagine wearing underwear in fabric with inherent protective qualities. As a man who cares about how he looks, smells, and feels, bamboo underwear has more features that will appeal to you.

While moisture wicking can help with reducing odours, bamboo fabric has hypoallergenic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties which give bamboo fabric natural deodorising abilities. I know some of us need this feature more than others but this deodorising ability, as long as the

Are bamboo underwear better than cotton?  Is bamboo good for mens underwear?  Is bamboo healthy for underwear?

5. Sustainability

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, which makes it readily available to serve its many purposes including creating a soft, durable fabric that feels fantastic against even the most intimate skin.

The speed of growth means it can be continuously re-planted and harvested with limited harm to the environment and negligible risk of us running out of this material. Honestly, you don’t even need to cut down the tree, branches will suffice, and they will grow back. This is also great news as no risk creating fabric out of bamboo limits its availability to serve its other uses.

Growing and harvesting bamboo also requires fewer resources than some of its competitors, including the long-feted cotton. Finally, recycling bamboo is an easier feat than many other synthetic fabrics as it’s largely biodegradable and not likely to end up strangling turtles after it has served you well.

Wear Bamboo Underwear

It’s worth noting that not all bamboo is “green”. Organic bamboo is grown without fertilizers and pesticides, releasing fewer harmful chemicals into its natural environment. The sustainability of organic bamboo is also in the closed-loop manufacturing process, which removes the chemicals from processing so they are not released into the environment. Even more sustainable are the manufacturers who use enzymes to break down the bamboo fibres into the right materials to make this fabric.

Needless to say, these processes come with a price tag but aside from the fact that it’s worth it to pay for sustainability, bamboo underwear will more than pay for itself in use. Spending a bit more on fabric that will last, is cheaper than continuously buying less durable underwear.

Are bamboo underwear better than cotton?  Is bamboo good for mens underwear?  Is bamboo healthy for underwear?

In all things, especially underwear, I'm an advocate for adventure and variety. I don’t believe in limiting yourself to styles, colours, or fabric material.

If you’re already a bamboo convert or you’ve decided to add bamboo underwear to your wardrobe, Our Men's Bamboo collection has a range of bamboo underwear in styles and colours to suit your unique needs. Don’t forget to use the size guide so you can make the best underwear choices, whatever you choose.


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