6 Underwear Mistakes Men Make


6 Underwear Mistakes Men Make

I know you’re tempted to roll your eyes at “underwear mistakes”, or maybe you’ve given in to the urge. You’ve been wearing underwear all your life, and since your first pair of pull-ups, it’s been smooth sailing. You pull out a pair from the new multipack you grabbed off the checkout bin (you’re a classy guy after all). You shove in one leg, the other with little resistance (no more getting bits stuck in random holes since you retired that ratty, old pair from your university days). Sliding the waistband over your hips, you turn this way and then that; admiring the hard work that’s starting to show up in the mirror. Easy peasy. How much harder can wearing underwear be?

Before you decide this blog is for lesser mortals than yourself, stick with me while I highlight underwear mistakes men make and see if you find one or two you might not know you’ve been making.

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Mistake number 1 - Boxer Shorts

Sorry, not sorry for beginning with violence but those boxer shorts have got to go. I know you’re a grown man, and you can wear whatever you like but I’m here to persuade you to like something else. Boxer shorts have a long proud history in the underwear story and that’s where they belong, in history.

They lack support and God forbid you get “excited” away from the comfort of your laptop, risking a tent and borderline indecent exposure. I get it, you’re a man who wants more coverage, that’s why I recommend Boxer briefs. The love child of boxers and briefs; this underwear will give you the coverage you desire while providing a more attractive picture; shaping your thighs and bulge while preventing any unfortunate accidents. I promise you won’t regret making the switch. At Club Seven, we have a few options to get you started


Mistake number 2 - Super Tight Underwear

If you’re wearing underwear from 2 waist sizes ago, please pause your reading, stand up, and put it in the bin. I get it, you don’t want to wear an XL, and cutting off your air supply while squeezing your balls into a medium will not change your size. I’ll save you the belaboured but true sentiment of “love and dress the body you’re in, not the one you want”. Instead, I’ll focus on tangible reasons to buy a bigger pair.

For one, it looks better. Trust me, you’ll have a smoother silhouette in underwear that fits you, vs the too-small pair that causes more lumps than you’d care to show. I reckon you’ll also feel more comfortable going about your day without a too-tight waistband cutting into your hips.

If you don’t enjoy smelling musty, then you’ll benefit from the right size of underwear so your package can breathe. Trust me, your balls will thank you. Use our size guide to help you choose the right size of underwear for you.

PS: If tight underwear styles are a kink for you, by all means, enjoy yourself; just do it within reason, maybe on special occasions?


Use our men's underwear size guide to help you choose the right size underwear for you.


Mistake number 3 - Not Changing Underwear Daily

Sir, I beg you in the name of all you hold dear, move those trunks away from your nose and throw them straight in the wash. No, I do not care if you did the sniff test, and no, I do not care if you did nothing all day; trust me, the bacteria in your underwear care even less. Please change your underwear every day, with no exceptions. If you’ve been to the gym, get in the shower then grab a fresh pair.

Do you want extra bacteria playing with your balls all day? Do you want sexy time interrupted by your partner recoiling after catching a whiff of your ripe genitals, encased in 3 day old briefs? I didn’t think so.

Dirty underwear is just not good hygiene, don’t let me get out my spray bottle. Go ahead and grab a few new pairs from Club Seven to help out your rotation.

PS: If you sell your used underwear on the internet, get your coins king. Just remember to change out of them before you entertain. Ditto for the purchasers of said underwear.


Mistake number 4 - Not Wearing Branded Underwear

You may think, no one is going to see it but for your sake, I hope you’re wrong (my Ace’s excluded). There are more reasons to invest in good underwear than sexy time and trust me I mean invest. I’m not saying you need to cover your junk in labels but there’s a reason why I recommend “brands” for quality.

Brands have to compete for market share and recognition. This incentivises them to innovate and dedicate time and resources to variety and quality. With more eyes on them, there’s also added incentive to prioritise the materials that are good for your skin and the environment, leaving you with more eco-friendly options to choose from.

You are better off splurging on branded underwear than generic multipacks at your local grocery store.


Mistake number 5 - Not Exploring Different Fabric Blends

You may remember your parents reading underwear labels and only grabbing 100% cotton, so now you do it too. For all you know, they only do it because that’s what their parents did as well. Break free from the shackles of 100% anything when it comes to your underwear fabric; blends will do you a world of good.

There’s such variety in fabric and with variety comes a range of benefits, from breathability, to moisture-wicking, sweat absorption comfort, etc. Take the time to experiment with blends and see which combinations are better suited to your needs and lifestyle.

If you’re an active fella, you need fabric that can support your levels of activity, making sure you don’t suffer from sweaty crotch. In summer months, you should prioritise breathability; trapping heat is not the way to go. And in the winter, maybe warm balls will mean lower energy bills. Make sure you’re trying out new blends and noting what works for you.

Our Modal fabric blends of men's underwear are a great place to start for breathability and second-skin comfort.


Mistake number 6 - Shying Away From Bright Colours

Did you not expect this? At Club Seven, we do not believe basics must be basic. From our neon bulge collection to our Copper legacy, we celebrate men’s bodies in as many colours as we can.

You are not less of a man if you deviate from black, white, and grey; pinky promise. And I promise bright underwear won’t make you gay either; no comment on the effects of staring at America’s ass.

Wearing bright colours will compliment your skin and draw attention to parts of your physique you are eager to show off to an equally captive audience. Brighten up your underwear drawer and spice up your life with a variety of colours. I promise your junk won’t shrink.

So, there’s our list. Are you guilty of any of these mistakes?

Or were you right all along about how simple it all is?


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