Boxers Vs Briefs

Boxers Vs Briefs


Boxers and briefs have gone many rounds over the decades and despite other contenders like boxer briefs, trunks and jockstraps jumping into the ring, they remain the face of the underwear debate. Many have joined in the ring to fight the corner of both major contenders; fashion, science and the men who have sworn their fealty to either icon. Today we’ll join in this fight and add trunks; the boxer-brief hybrid to the mix. Maybe we’ll help the undecided pick a side, maybe help the adherents take a little adventure to the other side or maybe we’re just here for the violence.




  • If you want to fill out your trousers a little more, boxers are your friend. The longer material with a looser fit around your thighs will add a little bulk to your legs and an extra strut in your step.

  • Boxers don’t remind you or your lover of a middle aged man or your pre-pubescent self, this is always a plus when your trousers drop.

Fair warning: you’ll need to take them off to really show what you’re working with.


  • These will not fill out your trousers in the thighs, but they’ll prop up your dangly bits in a nice, impressive package.

  • When your clothes hit the floor, whoever is watching will be impressed by your cheeky peach, lengthened legs, and packaged bulge.


Fair warning: choose the right pair, we’re going for daddy, not dad.






  • The stoner of the underwear world: chill relaxed, and roomy enough for you to grab that second helping of dinner, come on you know you want it.

  • Perfect for the man who loves the feel of going commando but wants to protect the jewels from the elements.

Fair warning:

  • Slacker of the underwear world: fantastic for a lazy or slow day, less than ideal for athletics.

  • Poor support, especially as you grow into your silver fox era.


  • The disciplined achiever: providing gentle but firm support for the boys.

  • Great support for activity, and extended range of motion




Fair warning:

  • Thick thighs save lives but if you fancy a run, don’t pair loose shorts with briefs, chafing is not your friend.






  • You’re so good looking you just want to pass on your genes, congratulations! If your swimmers are more Eric Moussambani than Michael Phelps, boxers may be your new best friends.

  • The jury is still out so until a doctor tells you otherwise, carry on strutting your stuff in these babies, might help you make the ones that cry.



If you’re somewhere in the middle, maybe try boxer briefs, they’re almost as supportive as briefs but long enough to ditch the bad reputation, and they will serve you well as you pound the pavement or other surfaces.

Club Seven can’t dictate what’s best for your package, we can give you fantastic options. Its underwear, not monogamy, try out different options and see what feels great on Monday and what’s great for Saturday. 


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