How to choose your perfect underwear size

Man exploring different underwear styles and sizes to find the ideal fit

It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re scrolling through your favourite online store, trying to buy a new set of underwear. You scroll through the gorgeous range, satisfied with the quality, breathable, light material that is good for the environment. You’ve found briefs, or trunks, or jockstraps in your favourite colour, and the black from the new collection has also caught your eye.

It’s time to check out and you choose a medium, you’ve always been a medium. Sure, you’ve gained a few pounds in the last year but you’re not the kind of guy who wears a large. You don’t want to get an oversized pair so you don’t look like Bruce Banner after hulking out. And you can tell just by looking at the pictures that it’ll fit, right?

Before you click checkout, take moment to consider the alternative, a pair of luxury underwear that feels great against your skin but pinches into your waist all day and leaves angry marks on your skin when you take them off at night to finally give your balls room to breathe.

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You want that perfect fit. You deserve a perfect fit.

Follow my instructions and you’ll order the perfect underwear on every order.


This is the easiest step to start from and the most important too. Grab a tape measure, I know you have one and it is not the enemy. Start by wrapping the tape around your waist and resist the urge to tighten it. Leave a little bit of space between the tape and your skin, wearing a medium or small is not worth the irritation, rashes and generally discomfort of small underwear.

Don’t forget to relax and exhale, don’t you suck in that love pouch. You enjoyed those beers; you should enjoy your underwear.


You cannot buy the right underwear without taking the size of your package into account. There’s a difference between emphasizing your bulge and squeezing your family jewels. Whatever you’re working with in that department, you should consider underwear with an appropriately sized pouch to give you that extra carriage and support.


Last but not the least, Size charts. Armed with your waist measurement and your consideration for your bulge, go ahead and click on the size charts to know which size your measurements convert to.

Maybe you are still a Medium, maybe you have to go up to an XL, who cares? Choose the right size, size and walk around free, comfortable and confident. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Robert on

    Well, all difficult decisions, especially the wrong side of 50 years old. Waist not too bad at about 34" and family jewels great ( honest) . On holiday at the moment so can’t order anything, but will do in a couple of weeks when back home,,,
    Hope business is good.

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