Is bamboo underwear better than cotton

Is bamboo underwear better than cotton

Since bamboo material is softer than cotton, absorbs better, and has a delightfully silken feel, more consumers are loving bamboo underwear over. Our men's bamboo underwear collection combines the softness of bamboo and our craftmanship which results in award-winning underwear.

Cotton Men's Underwear

Cotton underwear is such a staple in underwear history that many people default to it as a high-quality choice. You might have picked this up from your parents when they checked tags for 100% cotton before throwing a multipack of underwear in your shopping cart and now you just do it without thinking about it. You might be choosing cotton because you like how it feels and don’t see any reason to venture out of your comfort zone. Well, I'm here to walk you out of your comfort zone and push you to expand your underwear horizons, and this time, with fabric.

Bamboo Men's Underwear

Bamboo is one of the disrupters in this space, swooping in to give big daddy cotton some competition in the men’s underwear space. Bamboo underwear may not be your first thought when choosing underwear but bamboo and its blends have been gaining deserved popularity in men’s underwear spaces in recent years.

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Cotton and Bamboo share many similarities, one being that they are both derived from naturally occurring materials. Cotton fabric is made from the fibres that surround the seeds of the cotton plant. When the seeds mature, they present in a round fluffy form that is picked to make cotton fabric. The use of cotton fibres in textiles can be traced all the way back to 5000 BC and has found long-time use in clothing, underwear, bed linen, and many more. 

Bamboo fabric, on the other hand, is made from branches of the Bamboo tree. Bamboo is quite a versatile plant, used in many forms throughout history to serve many purposes. It can be used as food, as construction material and in your case, to make fabric for many uses including underwear. 

Bamboo and cotton have many properties that make them great choices for men’s underwear, so let’s compare.


This is a key feature to account for when choosing men’s underwear as you do not want to suffer unhappy accidents as you go about your day-to-day life or spend more money than you need constantly replacing underwear and sending barely used pieces to landfill. Bamboo underwear beats out big daddy cotton underwear in this department; I mean, this is literally construction material. There’s no such thing as a package that’s too heavy-duty for bamboo underwear. 

While the tightly woven viscose fibres play a key role in bamboo’s durability, the ease of care also exposes it to less wear and tear and extends its shelf life. Your next pair of bamboo underwear could outlast your last relationship with even less maintenance required. 

is bamboo underwear better than cotton, What is better bamboo or cotton underwear? best bamboo underwear, is bamboo underwear breathable


Cotton underwear is historically soft, with special, more expensive cotton blends are even softer. This softness has contributed to the popularity of cotton underwear over the years. Bamboo underwear is a worthy competitor in this area as well, coming in swinging with micro gaps in the fabric that gives bamboo underwear a softness that has been compared to Egyptian cotton and silk! Your package deserves to be draped in luxe fabric without breaking the bank, and that’s where you can rely on bamboo. 


You may think “i’m not particularly a sweaty bloke”, but when your junk has been encased in at least 2 layers of clothing for extended periods of time, you’ll be grateful for absorbent men’s underwear. You also want your underwear to take you through rigorous activity without pruning your bits in your own sweat. Bamboo underwear is moisture-wicking, leaving your balls dry in the best possible way. It is also thermoregulating, keeping your package in the optimal temperature without affecting your heating bill. These properties make bamboo material a popular choice in athletic clothing as well.


Bamboo underwear has inherent protective qualities that cotton lacks. While moisture wicking can help with reducing odours, bamboo fabric has hypoallergenic, antifungal and antibacterial properties which gives bamboo fabric natural deodorising abilities. I’m not saying you should wear your bamboo underwear for days on end and expect to smell fresh as a daisy, but bamboo underwear will get you to the end of the day smelling fresher than cotton underwear. Great choice for those among you that are lucky enough for unplanned sexy time.


Although Cotton underwear and bamboo underwear are derived from naturally occurring materials, they are processed in different ways that have differing environmental outcomes.

Cotton requires constant harvesting and replanting while bamboo is a self-replenishing plant. Bamboo also requires no irrigation and a third of the water cotton needs to grow, which makes it less labour and land-intensive to cultivate.

is bamboo underwear better than cotton, What is better bamboo or cotton underwear? best bamboo underwear, is bamboo underwear breathable

Premium Fabric

As organic cotton exists, so does organic bamboo. Organic bamboo is grown without fertilizers and pesticides, releasing fewer harmful chemicals into its natural environment. The sustainability of organic bamboo is also in the closed-loop manufacturing process, which removes the chemicals from processing so they are not released in the environment. Even more sustainable are the manufacturers who use enzymes to break down the bamboo fibres into the right materials to make this fabric.

I’m sure I don’t have to say these processes come with a bigger price tag, but aside from the fact that it’s worth it to pay for sustainability, bamboo underwear will more than pay for itself in use. Do not be afraid to spend a little more money on bamboo underwear as it will last and in the long run, is cheaper than continuously buying less durable underwear.

So, is Bamboo underwear better than cotton underwear? I think the question is best answered by the wearer. Regardless of your answer, bamboo underwear is a worthy addition to anyone’s wardrobe. If you’re already a bamboo convert or i’ve piqued your interest, the bamboo bulge collection at Club Seven is a great place to get started. Have a look at the size guide to make sure you’re choosing the best underwear for you. Give bamboo underwear a go and come back and tell me I was right.


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