Jockstraps or Men's Thongs

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Men’s underwear has come a long way from the boring days of tighty whites and loose boxers, much to the delight of those who like to look at men in the buff (or near enough). A delightful range of underwear exists and on the spicier end of the spectrum, we have Jockstraps and their buddy, Thongs. Yes they both give your butt cheeks more air, no they’re not the same, and no, thongs are not just for women. Settle back.

The jockstrap is a simple but beautiful piece of underwear. It features a pouch for the jewels and two leg bands that connect the pouch to the waistband, they go from the underside of the pouch, around the butt cheeks.

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The Jockstrap came into the world almost a hundred years before the Thong and has had a spectacular evolution. It was originally created for cyclists as protection for their crown jewels while cobbled streets bounced them around on their bikes (Jockstraps pairing well with riding since day 1).

The popularity of the jockstrap increased, at least among athletes when a cup was inserted to provide even more protection for the “nethers” of sportsmen after one too many hockey bucks to the nuts. Although their athletic popularity waned when compression shorts came into the picture, they’ve made a fantastic comeback as a sleek fashion statement.

About 100 years after the Jockstrap made an appearance, the Thong was born. The thong is a strappy piece of underwear that drapes over the crotch with a thin piece of fabric connecting the waistband.

The Thong was originally designed as women’s swimwear and took a few decades to be rebranded as underwear but only for women. For a while, the only way a man could access a pair was to steal one from a female partner/ acquaintance or grab one from the women’s department and hope no one asked any questions. Thankfully though, that’s all changed and although there’s nothing wrong with preferring the thongs from the women’s section, much more comfortable options now abound.

Thongs specifically designed for men are in the market now, much to the delight of many. Instead of a flat piece at the front, they are designed with enough room to comfortably cup a man’s package and with sturdier bands to provide support and a great silhouette.

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Although somewhat popular among gay men, the adoption of the thong as mainstream men’s underwear has been slow due to its origins and maybe some lack of confidence in their masculinity.


Both the thong and the Jockstrap are for men who dare to bare. They both display the full peach with the straps do very little for cheek coverage.

Both the thong and the Jockstrap are for men who dare to bare. They both display the full peach with the straps do very little for cheek coverage. Suffice it to say they’re both incredibly sexy pieces of underwear and provide a tasty treat in the bedroom. Both Jockstraps and Thongs provide a fantastic silhouette under fitted clothes, preventing bunching and underwear lines.

They are both more popular amongst Gay men, but popularity is slowly spreading outside the community.


Some of their differences have already been highlighted in history, their fundamental difference is in how they look.

While they both have a thin front pouch and a band around the waist, the Jockstrap has a deeper cup, owing to its origins. Club Seven Menswear's thong design features an anatomically designed pouch to provide a more natural and aesthetic silhouette complete with extra support.

The thong has one band connecting the underside of the pouch to the waistband through the cheeks, highlighting the natural contours of the body, lengthening legs, and enhancing the appearance of the butt cheeks. The Jockstrap on the other hand, has two bands leading from the underside of the pouch and framing each cheek as it goes around to connect to the band, and providing a lift. So, while they’re both incredibly revealing pieces of underwear, they reveal cheeks in different ways. Men who are more confident in the position of their peach might opt for a thong while those who would like a lift may prefer a jockstrap.

The jockstrap has both aesthetic and athletic utility due to its origins and design, however, depending on the fabric chosen, the strength of the thong lies more in the aesthetic end than the athletic.

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