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I was tempted to start this blog with the lyrics to Sisqo’s “thong song” as it’s been on a loop in my head since I wrote the title but I didn't want to lose all three of my Gen Z readers, so I’ll stick to bopping my head alone. Now you may be unfamiliar with the song but we’re all familiar with thongs. Do you know those scraps of underwear that are business in the front, party in the back? A thin front flap that comes down from the waistband, that tapers the lower it gets, and connects to the waistband at the back, through your glorious peachy butt.

Thongs have existed in many wardrobes across many cultures for a long time and although it fell out of fashion, it made a comeback almost a century ago and has been gaining increasing popularity in recent years. The modern iteration of the thong was reinvented as part of a bikini, a daring choice by designer Rudi Genreich who was noted as an “enemy of modesty”, and who can blame him?

Thongs soon found their place as underwear instead of being limited to beachwear. Although for the longest time, they were regarded as women’s underwear, and any man who wanted a pair for himself had to knock a few from the drying line or invent a wife at the Victoria secret checkout counter, thongs made and sold for men have recently gained popularity. So come with me, let’s explore the use of thongs for men and why they are becoming so popular.

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History of Men in Thongs

As earlier mentioned, the modern Thong has been associated with women's underwear for a long time, however, much earlier versions of the Thong were worn by the super manly Greeks and Romans, doing super many things like running and wrestling. They were originally designed to provide support and comfort during physical activities such as running or wrestling; at least that’s the going story but I reckon no one wanted to be smacked in the face with random nuts while grappling in an arena. There was a different sport and arena for that *wink wink*

Why wear Thongs?
Many men choose to wear thongs for many reasons and if you’re not a convert yet, you might be swayed by one of these reasons.

1. Clothes

Hear me out, men’s clothing has moved on to more fitted silhouettes and while many men haven’t had to think about this, the choice of underwear beneath these styles is important. Many men do not want to be found walking around with swathes of fabric bunched around their thighs, ruining a well-put-together outfit. The design of the thong ensures that this doesn’t happen, providing shape and support to your package with minimal enough fabric to preserve the fit of your clothes.

2. Exercise

Like our ancient Olympian buddies, modern men wear thongs to have an unrestricted range of motion during vigorous activity. The design of the thong, especially those with anatomically designed pouches like those in the Club Seven Copper Legacy collection, provides a lot of support to your jewels, which is important when you’re suffering through another round of burpees or trying to make it through tough Mudder. And let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want to give yourself a black eye in the middle of a box jump, would you? No, I will not be answering physics questions at this time.

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3. Moisture wicking

Bamboo is gaining popularity in athletic wear and makes great underwear to support you while exercising, as it stretches to accommodate your movements. If you’re a person that’s prone to sweating or even if you just exist in warmer temperatures, bamboo’s moisture-wicking properties make bamboo underwear a fantastic choice to leave your balls dry (in the best possible way). Adding to that, Bamboo underwear is thermoregulating and will keep your crown jewels at optimal temperature.

4. Breeze

Simply put, the less fabric you wear, the more your skin gets some air. As we make our way into lovely, lovely summer, many men are choosing lighter underwear to have a more airy feel and a less funky smell in their nether regions. Thongs are a standard choice to stay cool.

5. Sex

In the wise words of the great philosopher Sisqo, “(S)he had dumps like a truck, truck, truck
Thighs like what, what, what
All night long
Let me see that thong”.

Thongs allow you to show off your beautiful physique, either through tasteful thirst traps or in person; a fantastic way to show what’s on offer before inviting a partner to dine. Gone are the days of men just stripping off raggedy underwear and turning off the lights; your partners across all genders need to be seduced and a thong is a fantastic tool of seduction.

Types of Thong Underwear for Men

Men have a range of thong underwear types available for them to choose from these days. The most common type is the G-string, which provides minimal coverage, with string thin fabric through the back and is designed to be worn under tight clothing such as jeans or shorts. Other types include the V-string and T-back styles, which provide more coverage than a G-string, with a little more support but just as much skin. There are also full-coverage thong styles available that provide more coverage than other types of thong underwear while still offering a sexy look.

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In conclusion, thongs have been around for centuries and while they still serve the original purpose of providing support during physical activities such as running or wrestling, their purpose in men’s wardrobes has been diversified. Thongs are a popular choice due to their ability to provide support and comfort during physical activities and support flattering fits underneath men’s clothing. Most importantly, I attribute their increase in popularity to men feeling more comfortable with displaying their physiques and expressing their masculinity in ways that were previously repressed.

If you’re a man who wears thongs, did I miss out on any of your reasons? If you’re yet to dip your, uhm, toes into thongs, might I recommend the Club Seven Menswear Copper Legacy? Use this size guide to ensure you’re choosing the right underwear for yourself.


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