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Should men wear man thongs or are they just 'underwear for gays'?

Choosing underwear is an important yet often thoughtless part of building a man’s outfits and by extension, his wardrobe. I certainly understand the temptation to grab a black or white multipack in your usual style; boxers, briefs or trunks; it’s easy. You might even feel proud of yourself for grabbing the multicoloured pack, and kudos, you’re well on your way, however, more thought needs to be put into choosing underwear, to optimise for comfort, performance, aesthetics and all-around sexiness.


Worry not, here's how to choose the right underwear size. It’ll be second nature in no time. While the underwear size is important, it’s also worth diversifying your choice of underwear. Have you considered thongs? I can hear the straight men and some gay men sticking their fingers in their ears, rolling their eyes and vigorously shaking their heads. Sure, you like to see a beautiful butt in a sleek thong, you’ve just never thought it could be your butt. It should be, and let me tell you why.


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You are not alone

The popularity of thongs among men is increasing, so you won’t be alone. I know it shouldn’t matter if others are doing it, but let’s be honest, it helps you feel more confident in your masculinity while in a thong to know that other men wear them as well.

It also means that thongs are now being made specifically to cater to your anatomy; providing firm coverage and support. This means a man can buy the right thong from various men’s underwear brands including Club Seven Menswear instead of trying to make one from the “women’s section work”. Although, feel free to grab a lacy pair from there if you like the way you feel in those.

If you’re still sceptical, stay with me for a bit. Don’t let your previous biases keep you away from one of the most comfortable pieces of underwear to exist.


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I know, I know, it’s almost blasphemous to call thongs comfortable but trust me, you haven’t seen comfort until you’ve sported the right thong in the right size.

The pouch at the front of the thong moulds perfectly to your package, providing protection and more support than even briefs can offer, while the rest of the underwear practically vanishes, for a barely-there effect. You may be worried about leaving your cheeks bare under your clothes, however, you need ventilation down there, and thongs are optimal for providing that. Think of it as the freedom of going commando without risks associated with an unbound package out there in the world.

The fabric choices for thongs are typically delicate fabrics, chosen for style and comfort; at Club Seven, we’re going with Modal for its luxurious feel, durability and moisture-wicking properties. However, thongs come in a range of fabrics to suit a man’s lifestyle, skin and plans. If you follow our underwear size guide while choosing one of our thongs, you might find your new favourite underwear.



Picture this, you’re at the gym doing a box jump, running on the treadmill, squatting or any other of the exercises you love or love to hate (no judgement if the hate fuels your gain). You’re in the middle of it and you have to pause because there’s too much motion in your shorts (it was too hot to wear your control leggings), or you have to stop to readjust your briefs from cutting into your butt cheeks or sliding between them. I get it, you don’t want to be “Mr Dangly bits” at the gym but if you have to pause your workout one more time, you might give up and dangle away.

Again, let me present, the thong! The moulded pouch ensures you’re supported enough not to dangle. The carefully chosen, breathable, but scanty fabrics are moisture-wicking and ensure you won’t end up more heated than your workout demands. Finally, thongs have a triangular pouch and comfortable waistband that ensures a range of motion that is only as limited as you! What’s there not to love? 

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I think this is the one you’ve been waiting for and here it is “Thongs look great!”. That’s it, we can all go home and order some thongs. No? Need more? Okay fine.

Thongs fit perfectly under even the tightest trousersor anything on your bottomswithout leaving a bulge (except the one you want to display), bump, or unwanted line. It elevates your outfits in ways you might not even have considered. It also gives an extra spring in your step as you take on the day, feeling secure and sexy.

Yes, sexy! Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy. Thongs are the sexiest underwear on the planet (fight me). I know all underwear can be sexy as long as it’s the right fit and the wearer has the right attitude, but trust me, thongs belong in your rotation.

While providing adequate coverage, a thong highlights the natural contours of the body, adding length to the legs, and enhancing the appearance of the butt cheeks. I can’t promise you won’t try to take a bit out of your own reflection in the right Thong.

Men, women and everyone on the spectrum love to see people in Thongs, so why not delight your partner(s) by presenting them with your impressive bulge and delightful derriere encased in a sexy thong? They definitely deserve the treat. Trust me, the gleam of appreciation in their eyes will certainly make you feel like the prize.


Buy a Thong today

Thongs are super sexy, functional underwear, that has a lot to offer a man. Despite their increasing popularity, thongs are not the most conventional underwear type and it takes a confident man to branch out of his comfort zone.

Don’t let tradition hold you back from expanding your wardrobe with a piece of underwear that can provide you comfort while making you feel incredibly sexy and confident.

Thinking of giving it a go but unsure of where to start? How about the new Club Seven Men Thongs from The Copper Legacy Collection? You might find your new favourite underwear or something you enjoy having in your rotation.


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