Types Of Men Underwear


People tend to think men’s underwear is boring monotony of black, blue, white, or grey boxers and briefs but fear not, I’m here to save you. Women don’t get to have all the fun with underwear, there’s a variety to choose from, different types for different men, occasions, and days of the week.


The loose-fitting, knee-length shorts with elastic waistbands and stiff fabric are the godfather of modern underwear.


Feels like going commando, great to fall asleep in. Your nuts will breathe easy.

These bad boys will help fill out your thighs under your trousers.


If you need to exercise or display your package to advantage, put the boxers aside.

Put down the boxers on skinny jeans Thursday, it’ll bunch up underneath and ruin your look, trust me.

Let me put this simply, be careful what you pair with boxers, while you may be proud of your package, the nice old lady doing bench presses across from you at the gym will not appreciate the view.

these are the brief, boxer brief love-child given life by Calvin Klein. Their stretchy fabric is usually square cut and fits tightly from the waist to the top of the thighs.



They provide just enough coverage and support for comfort but shape the bulge and upper thighs enough to be sexy.


Not enough support for athletic activity


If you thought briefs showed a lot of skin, say hello to the G-string! These are for the men who dare to bare. This strappy contraption covers the crotch with a thin piece of fabric connecting the waistband.


Exhibition! It will show all the goods and more, perfect for a sexy time.

It’s great under tight jeans.


It’s not built for functionality.

It displays more than many men are comfortable with but takes a walk on the wild side from time to time.

The fabric between the cheeks is less than comfortable for some men.


Built for support. I know I’ve gone on about support, but the Jockstrap was invented to provide support for bicycle delivery men and has been used by sportsmen ever since. It features a pouch for your boys and Two leg bands that connect the pouch to the waistband, they go from the underside of the pouch to the butt cheeks.


Great for athletic activities

Supportive and protective

Jockstraps have a sweaty rep, but they can be sexy.


Not practical for everyday use

Very limited coverage.

Boxer briefs

in a rare moment of peace, boxers and briefs got busy and made a baby and let me tell you, it’s a stretchy beauty. These come in varying lengths from the middle of the thighs all the way to the top of the knees.


As much support as briefs with more coverage.

Good for exercise and everyday use.

Shows off muscled thighs, your perky peach and your impressive package.


I might have a bias, but I love a man in boxer briefs, I can’t think of a single con. Sue me.

The high-cut underwear that only covers the package and buttocks might be your next favourite pair.



These bad boys will keep your boys in a place like a push-up bra, the view is also quite something.

If you’re a little less than tall, briefs will lengthen your legs and make you even you do a double take.

High-rise briefs can smooth out love handles, improving the fit of outfits and adding an extra spring in your step.


Briefs have a bad rep because of their un-sexy associations, some people don’t want to shag a man that reminds them of their dad or themselves at eleven.

Briefs are not forgiving! They show everything and if you’re not comfortable with what you’re working with, maybe a hard pass on the briefs.

Long johns

These lightweight, form-fitting underwear have been around for a very long time although they’ve evolved over the centuries. Reaching down to the ankles and usually sold with a matching shirt, long johns are the definition of coverage!


Warm! These will keep you nice and toasty on a winter’s day.

With the right fabric, these can be great for exercise.


These are seasonal, and not conducive for daily wear in warmer climates.

I don’t know about you, but these are not underwear for sexy times.


The bikini was modelled after women’s bikini bottoms and is like briefs in all but functionality.


Sun’s out Bun’s out! These are perfect for turning heads at the beach or poolside.


For display purposes only! Try not to break into anything more energetic than a stretch, or maybe a strut as you display your wears in the sun. 

Whew! That’s a list! Did you discover anything new? Or did you decide to identify even more stronger with your underwear camp?

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