Underwear for Training

Underwear for Training

When it comes to exercise apparel, there are as many options as there are preferences and the same applies for choosing the right underwear for exercise. Some men choose to wear their usual underwear under their gym clothes while others choose to go commando for comfort.

While it is ultimately up to you, underwear is a great protection from irritation and disease.


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What do you need to consider when choosing underwear for training?

Type of activity

  • Letting it all hang loose is all fun and games until that box jump or sprint that has your manhood bouncing about uncomfortably. Your junk and thighs might survive short bursts of activity in loose or no underwear but longer, high intensity training sessions, will lead to irritation and chafing.

  • Many training shorts are now equipped with inbuilt underwear to provide support and take the guess work out of training underwear choices and that’s great but it’s often not as much support as fitted underwear and it does a poor job of preventing chafing.


  • Excessive sweating is uncomfortable and leaves you open to unpleasant odours and jock itch. What you need is a breathable, moisture wicking blend that keep the boys in place, keeps your thighs apart and your jewels cool and dry.

  • Synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, or blends are great for workout underwear.

Club Seven has you covered with Our Boxers.

Designed for active lifestyle, the longer length eliminates chafing. The fabric is quick dry, soft, and breathable. Perfect for whatever workout you have in mind.




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