What Does Going Commando Mean? Exploring the Age-Old Underwear Dilemma for Men

Men showcasing the practicality and comfort of wearing quality underwear

This is not a piece on the 1985 action classic that Arnie gave us (kinda wish it was, that movie is awesome) nah, it’s a look at the question every man must ask himself at one point of his life, a question that will define him going forward and that question is “Underwear or Commando?”. Deep, I know but it is a question that requires serious consideration and thought.

Few things beats coming home after a long day at work, taking a shower, putting on your favourite pair of grey sweats, a cold beer by your side, the Xbox controller in hand and manspreading on the couch, just generally letting the boys breathe down there, *insert deep sigh of satisfaction and contentment here*, yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Sometimes you just want to feel the breeze between your knees and let the dangly bits dangle. The freedom that comes with going commando can be quite an experience, it feels like you have an extra range of movements available to you and feeling the right fabric on your skin can be very pleasing (daydreaming about silk Pajama bottoms now). All in all, going commando is a big mood.

You are probably thinking, “Going Commando is the way #FREEWILLY” but before you burn your boxers, permit me to say a few words on why you should actually wear underwear. A good, clean pair of underwear will fill you with confidence and have you feeling fresh and clean as you go about your business, kinda like a good deodorant would.

Another reason to be pro underwear is because of the support you get. Picture a busy day that requires lots of movement, you need something to keep the boys in place. Also some certain articles of clothing requires the lift and support you can only get from underwear. If you have thighs that rub together when you move, boxers are your friend, especially if you are trying to prevent the chaffing that comes with having your thighs rub together.

Wearing underwear isn’t just about functionality, there are a couple of vain reasons to wear boxers, for example: Imagine for whatever reason (you know the reason I’m talking about, wink wink, nudge nudge), you have to take off your trousers and the family jewels are encased in a pair of well fitted, properly made trunks, it is almost certain that your appeal and confidence level will spike a little bit. Also you know what they say, presentation matters.

There is nothing wrong with going commando once in a while, but owning well-fitting and properly made underwear is key, for reasons ranging from practicality to being superficial, for that extra feel of support to proper packaging of the privates. In conclusion two legends can exist.

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    It’s actually a good read. Concise and fun too. Thumbs up!

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