What underwear is sexiest on men?

What underwear is sexiest on men? Sexiest men underwear

You ever walked past a billboard with a man flexing in his underwear and had to do a double? Is that too retro? Maybe it happened when you were scrolling on your socials, and you had to scroll back up and fan yourself. I know I have.

I know I’m not the only one who appreciates the view of a sexy man in well-fitting, sexy underwear but instead of just enjoying the view, you can also be the view. I want you to do a double take when you walk past the mirror in your underwear. Sure, a trip to the gym is nice, but sometimes all you need to raise temperatures is the right underwear. What men’s underwear is the sexiest? It’s cold outside, let’s bring the heat as we rank the sexiest men’s underwear this year.

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Boxers - the loose-fitting, knee-length shorts with elastic waistbands and stiff fabric are the godfather of modern underwear.

In 6th place, is boxer shorts. These loose-fitting shorts have an elastic waistband and stiff fabric that drops anywhere from the thigh to the knee. As these don’t hug the thighs or peach, they’re typically considered quite breezy. These also leave room for tenting if the wearer happens to experience some “stimulation” while wearing them which is either enticing or embarrassing depending on context.

Boxer shorts are perfect for men who prefer to leave a little more to the imagination, want constant air in their nether regions and don’t mind tenting.

To each their own, but I would give this a Scoville level of about 50 or a Nando’s “plain-ish”.

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Coming in 5th sexiest men’s underwear are trunks. Now, these are personal favourites if I’m being honest. They’re understated and give sexy without an outright “take me I’m yours”.

Like boxers, these are cut in the shape of shorts but that’s where their similarities end. Trunks are made of stretchy fabric and the lengths often range from the top of the thigh to about mid-thigh. I prefer my trunks just under the cheeks, I think it does wonders for a man’s bum.

Trunks hug the body tightly without being snug, framing the peach, showing a nice stretch of leg and giving a nice frame to a man’s package. As far as men’s underwear goes, trunks are a sexy number that should not be underestimated.

I’ll give this a Scoville rating of 1000, a Nando’s mild.

Coming in at 4th - G-string

Did you not expect to see this on the list? Well, here it is. The higher we get on this list, the less fabric we get but many wise people have said that sometimes, less is more.

The G string isn’t typically linked to men’s underwear, but women lost their monopoly on G strings a while ago and we’re grateful. If you’re unfamiliar with the G string, it looks like it sounds, a thin waistband, a flat pouch, and a thin string connecting the bottom of the pouch to the waistband through the butt cheeks.

The G string’s sexiness is mostly derived from how much it bares; who doesn’t want to see more skin? The downside, however, is that the G string provides no extra support or framing so if you’re not best pleased with what you’re working with, the G string will not improve that.

I’ll give this a Scoville rating of 2,500 or a Nando’s Medium.

mens underwear uk, best mens underwear uk, men's underwear uk, best men's underwear uk, men underwear ukThe Jockstrap comes in at number 3 when ranking the sexiest men’s underwear. Very few things scream sexy man as much as a jockstrap does. The jockstrap is so sexy, so manly and shows almost as much skin as the G string but with a lot more support.

Jockstraps feature a pouch with deep cup to accommodate a man’s package, displaying an impressive bulge. Thick straps go around the cheeks the connect to the waistband, creating an effect that earns it a place in the top three on the list of sexiest men’s underwear.

It does a fantastic job of displaying a man’s package, lifting his butt cheeks, and creating a fantastic silhouette. Treat yourself and your lovers to a jockstrap and you won’t regret it.

It’ll give this a Scoville rating of 30,000 or a Nando’s Hot!

Bulge Menswear, Bulge underwear, Mens bulge, bugle, enhancing underwear, big pouch underwearIn 2nd place - Briefs

I’m assuming this is a dark horse on this list, but do not underestimate the sex appeal of this classic underwear staple that has survived many men’s underwear reinventions.

When the world was drooling over David Beckham in lust, envy, or both; he was showing off his physique in sexy briefs.

Briefs are cut high on the side, which lengthens the legs and displays a brilliant amount of skin. Briefs feature an ample pouch that shapes over your package and is essentially created to display an attractive bulge. The backside is mostly covered but leaves just the right amount of cheeks out, providing lift and structure. It’s a sexy classic for a classic man.

I give this a Scoville rating of 100,000 or a Nando’s extra hot!

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In first place, the thong. The big daddy of sexy men’s underwear. Now before you ask, yes there’s a difference between the thong and the G string and this small change makes all the difference, thicker straps.

The thicker straps distinguish and enhance the cheeks, who needs a BBL? The thong has a deep pouch, and in some cases; anatomically designed sheaths like Club 7 copper legacy collection. This does a fantastic job of enhancing and displaying a man’s package. The lack of fabric on the side makes a man’s legs longer and shows so much skin, you might try to lick yourself.

The thong will certainly make you do a double take when you walk past a mirror. You will feel sexy in this number.

I give this a Scoville rating of 300,000, a Nando’s Vusa!

Before you fight me on this list, I can’t determine what’s sexy to you, but I can offer you some spicy thongs, jockstraps, briefs and trunks from Club seven that’ll raise the temperature when you walk into the room!

If you don’t agree with my list, please share your own rankings.


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