Model and Creators Club

Model and Creators Club

Exclusive Product Discounts For Your Followers 

Earn Monetary Commission from Sharing Your Code

Exposure for Your Content on our Website & Socials


Our brand ambassador program is for people who love underwear and love sharing posts of them in their underwear. It is also for underwear models in different stages of their modelling career. We will give you an opportunity to connect with people around the world, earn cash rewards, and have your content reposted on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok and website! 

Why join the Creators and models Club?

You get to:

  • Suggest future designs and collections
  • Test new products before release
  • Receive updates on photoshoot opportunities throughout the year for new product lines
  • Partner with us on any social media for paid contents 
  • Featured on our YouTube channel and collaborate with us on YouTube
  • Receive free entry to underwear themed club party - coming soon
  • Receive free underwear - T&C applies 

How to Apply?

  • Click The Button Below
  • Fill Out The Form
  • Wait for Approval



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