When Should You Replace Your Men's Underwear?

when should you replace your men's underwear

If you’re asking this question, you probably have a few pieces in your underwear drawer that are crying out for retirement. Put down your guard, we’re not judging you; we’re sure you have the best intentions. You’re a man who values sustainability, investing in quality underwear pieces that will keep your crown jewels cushy, snug and supported for a long time; saving your bank account and the environment at the same time.

While at Club Seven, we stan an eco-conscious king, your next Tinder date might cringe when your beautiful behind is clad in saggy underwear. Your relationship with your underwear does not have to last until death do you part; let’s walk through the signs that your relationship with your underwear has run its course.

1. Holes

There are many reasons why underwear can develop holes. If they’re a fairly new pair, it could be poor-quality fabric and stitching. If you don’t have that many pieces, holes can also be an indication that you’re putting the few you have through the wringer; overusing your underwear, and/or washing them the wrong way. Holes could also be due to the unavoidable wear and tear of age.

Whatever the cause, holes are an indication that you should let that piece of underwear go today and log in to Club Seven for a replacement! We suggest the legacy collection. Imagine you’ve managed to charm some poor sucker into taking you home and instead of a sexy bulge, you present them with holes in your briefs. Worse yet if they have trypophobia. Let’s avoid an unpleasant situation and let the underwear with holes go.

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If you don’t have that many pieces, holes can also be an indication that you’re putting the few you have through the wringer

2. Stains

Hey, We’re not questioning your hygiene; we’re sure you keep your jewels and your arse nice and squeaky clean. Although here at Club Seven, we will be side-eying you if you don’t wash your arse. Sometimes life happens and you eat a whole box of pizza in your underwear on a lazy Sunday, who are we to judge? Sometimes you get too lazy to separate the colours before a batch of laundry. Maybe you did a Walter White and some bleach got on your beautiful briefs, again, who are we to judge?

While your underwear may still be functional, in that it still holds your balls, at Club Seven, we think the appearance of underwear is part of its functionality. It’s definitely worth replacing those ruined pieces and making a note to take better care of the new ones. Maybe put one or two aside for pizza in underwear day.

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3. Stretch

We all love a good stretch *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* However, stretched-out underwear is not the vibe! Imagine making the error of throwing on your loose-fitting underwear before going on a run! The terrifying possibilities are endless! Now we don’t doubt you have an impressive package, but that sort of accident can get you on a list!

Some sources say it’s best to replace your underwear every 6-12 months, and while that may be helpful, we don’t feel right giving you an exact time frame. A lot of factors can extend the drawer life of your underwear. Choosing good quality underwear in the right size and caring for them according to the instructions on the label will go a long way in extending your relationship with your underwear.

Buying more underwear is also a key to extending the drawer life of your underwear. We promise we’re not saying this because it’s our passion at Club Seven to keep creating beautiful, functional underwear. It’s fairly simple though, the more underwear you have in your rotation, the gentler you are on each piece of underwear and the longer you get to love them. Like we said, the relationship you have with your underwear doesn’t have to last all your life and if you know what to look out for, you’ll know when it’s time to end things in the gentlest way possible.


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