Try It Guarantee

Shop with confidence every time with us.

We'll issue a refund or send out a replacement for free if you've worn it

How it works

Step 1

When you receive your order, double-check for damages and the sizing. Do not try on all the pairs if you ordered more than one. Contact us straight away if you have any issues.

Step 2

If the items are damaged, we will refund or replace them without you paying anything extra.

If you ordered just one pair and the size is wrong, we will send you a replacement for free. All you will have to cover is the postage cost.

If you ordered more than one pair of underwear, and it is damaged or the wrong size, do not try all of them. Keep the one you have tried and return the rest to us. We will replace all the underwear plus the one you have tried. All you will have to cover is the postage cost. If you have tried all of them after the first one, we will only replace the first one.

If you for any reason have changed your mind after ordering, do not wear them. Return them to us for a full refund. We will not refund worn underwear.

Step 3

Enjoy your new favourite underwear