Men's Bulge and Underwear

Men's Bulge and Underwear

Today we’re talking about the bulge. Thanks to social media, bulge is no longer just a word, but a sexy word. You might have heard or read salacious or even envious comments made about a person’s bulge, and for the uninitiated, it’s simply a word to describe the shape a person’s package (penis and testicles if you need me to spell it out for you) through their clothes. Why such fuss over a bulge? Although a bulge is what naturally occurs when you wear underwear, the commentary usually surrounds the size of the bulge, which in turn is dependent on several factors, the largest (pun intended) being what you’ve been blessed with.

If you have genitals, you need support, and that’s where your choice of underwear comes in. We consider many factors before choosing underwear and consciously but the type of support you require is a key factor. There’s a wide variety to choose from; Boxers for the lads who don’t fancy a lot of support. For my men who prefer a bit of support, there’s a range of underwear types e.g., Briefs, Thongs, and Trunks. All underwear that helps you strut your stuff, giving a select few (or many) a chance to admire your thighs, your ass, and your impressive package stuffed into a well-designed pouch, giving an impressive bulge.

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Did I say stuffed? Yes stuffed. Granted, when choosing men’s underwear, if you are careful to choose the right size and fabric you will mostly get on alright. But if you sometimes feel like you have to choose between the perfect fit over your hips and optimal package comfort (You lucky devil!) I have good news for you! You don’t have to. I’m not just talking to the stallions in the house though. If you’re working with a little less down south (all sizes are welcome here), do you wish your underwear was more flattering and produced a nicer-looking bulge?

Allow me to introduce both of you to your new best friend, the Club Seven Men’s “Bulge Underwear”! You may applaud, it’s a big deal! What’s the big deal about bulge underwear? Didn’t you just say all men’s underwear would produce a bulge? Isn’t every thong and trunk I have a bulge underwear? Take a number, and I’ll answer all your questions but in whichever order I choose.

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 Anatomically Designed

This design gives you support and comfort (an extra sheath to
house your crown jewels)


Men’s Bulge Underwear

At Club Seven Menswear, we have always known the value of a well-designed pouch on men’s underwear. We know how the right men’s underwear can improve your day in many ways; comfort helps you focus on other activities and flattering shapes increase your confidence and self-assurance throughout the day. The design of the pouch plays an integral part in that comfort and self-confidence.

To make you feel even better in our underwear, we’ve incorporated an anatomically designed men’s pouch into our underwear. This design gives you the support and comfort (an extra sheath to house your crown jewels) you need while proving to you that sexy bulge, worth sharing on Twitter.

What’s the big deal?

This is distinct from other tight-fitting underwear as it provides extra support to your crown jewels, enhancing your distinct shape and size. No more flattening your bulge in underwear with little wiggle room for a sizeable bulge. The anatomically designed pouch of the bulging underwear gives room for your package to breathe.

The bulge design is not exclusive to men who are hung like laundry. Everyone needs a lift sometimes and the bulge underwear comes in handy on those days that you do. This underwear supports your package, providing a subtle lift that makes a world of difference if you don’t want to be drowned in boxers or have your package squeezed into flatness by tight-fitting underwear.

The sheathed pouch of the bulge underwear not only lifts your package but emphasizes its natural shape, giving an overall satisfying aesthetic result. Whatever audience you wear your bulge underwear for, will appreciate the sight regardless of your natural size.

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Our Briefs

This underwear supports your package, providing a subtle lift that makes a world of difference if you don’t want to be drowned in boxers or have your package squeezed into flatness by tight-fitting underwear.

Men’s bulge underwear is gradually creeping into the mainstream, and you should grab it while it's hot. Club seven bulge underwear is made with soft Modal fabric. It is antibacterial and breathable with a luxe feel that will leave you feeling fresh all day long. Men’s bulge underwear optimises the two most important things in men’s underwear; comfort and looks. Our Club Seven bulge underwear comes in thongs and briefs in classic (basic is a bad word) and a range of colours. The new copper legacy collection is a worthy addition to any respectable wardrobe.

In summary, I’m not saying throw out all your other underwear and build an underwear drawer comprised solely of bulge briefs or thongs although who am I to stop you? It’s a fantastic-looking collection and a worthy investment. However, variety is essential and thank the underwear gods for providing such variety in men’s underwear. I for one, am off to offer a sacrifice of gratitude that men no longer have limited underwear choices but have a range to choose from depending on their mood or planned activities.


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