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Underwear for Well Endowed Men

Have you ever rolled your eyes after hearing the less endowed talk about how much they want a big or bigger package? You think, “Sure you think you want this now, but do you know the struggle?” Sure, you’re pleased with what you’re working with and fingers crossed you know how to work with what you’re working with. Yeah yeah, we know boys, it’s not all big D energy; you’re still a man with other needs, like underwear that can accommodate that LoL.

But still, everyone still wishes for more length and demands it. Making our well-endowed brothers on-demand working overtime. The services of the bigger boys are not appreciated enough. They should be celebrated as legends for their hard work and performance.

Wishing For More

Our lesser endowed legends are not to be left out of appreciation, you guys are holding it down. You may think “these guys don’t know how good they have it” when you hear your heavily equipped brethren complain about the pinch of too tight underwear and needing their jewels to breathe. They’ll never understand the shared struggle to find the right men’s underwear. 

Love-hate Relationship

There’s an understandable love-hate relationship many men have with their package and by extension, men’s underwear. For the well-endowed, It’s often a tough choice between squishing their package into underwear that may fit their waist while cutting off circulation to their nuts, choosing basic, unflattering, loose boxers, or choosing to go commando, letting it lean down one side and hope they don't catch an indecent exposure charge or send someone’s nan into cardiac arrest. 

The Growers

For our less amply endowed fellas, there’s the issue of choosing underwear that’s too tight to have some semblance of a bulge or a good waist fit that gapes in the crotch, leaving the wrong kind of tent. 

Let's not forget our growers, who might leave the house in a solid-fitting pair of men’s underwear and find it uncomfortably tight when incentivized to, if you catch my drift. 

Life is hard enough... finding underwear shouldn’t be just as hard. 

Flexible Pouch

A lot of factors come into play when choosing underwear, but inflexible pouches are a large reason why your jewels either spill out of your underwear or get lost in them.

At Club Seven Menswear, we have always known the value of a well-designed pouch on men’s underwear, and how each man has different needs.  We take it as a personal mission to give you the confidence to go about your day.

Now while we cannot personally measure each and every one of you to design custom pouches to flatter the array of impressive equipment you’re all working with; we at Club Seven have found you the next best thing with the Legacy Collection

For the Big Boys

The new Club Seven Legacy underwear collection is the most flexible collection of men’s underwear in the market.

Intentionally designed to stretch and accommodate all men; the Big boys, the growers, the big balls carriers, and even the compact sizes welcome.

Made with unique 3D technology that grows with your package, this Legacy collection features men’s underwear that adapts to your unique shape, regardless of your size, and whether you show or grow! We didn’t call it Legacy for nothing! 

Premium Fabric

We've incorporated this innovative pouch with extra soft modal fabric and vibrant colours that’ll make an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. The 3D-designed pouch of the legacy collection underwear gives a shapely fit while providing room for your package to breathe, even if you’re hung like laundry on a summer day; not only shaping nicely around your package but providing a lift that gives a stunning aesthetic.

There you have it, we heard your call for adaptable men’s underwear and club seven menswear answered with the legacy collection, your new favourite underwear. Go on and add the Club Seven legacy collection to cart! Pay attention to the size guide, choose your favourite colours and come back and thank me. 


  • James said:

    Amazing fit, soft on-the-skin fabric, and vibrant colours. Glad I found you guys.

    February 12, 2024

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