Ranking The Sexiest Men's underwear colours

We all want to look good naked. Don’t even try to deny it, I see you grinding away in the gym and it’s paying off! Look at that peach! While many of us appreciate the view of an unclad man, there’s just something about a man in sexy underwear that really gets the blood pumping in all the right directions, if you catch my drift.

I have a well-documented affinity for sexy underwear, if you want to see my rankings of the sexiest men’s underwear styles, you can find it here.

Men's Sexy Underwear

Sexy is not just in the style of the underwear but the colour as well

When people think sexy
Underwear, many people think of David Beckham in white CK briefs, although many people do not choose white underwear for themselves when thinking of sexy underwear. If you’re of the opinion you have to look like that adonis of a man to be sexy in white, I'm here to tell you you’re wrong. If you’re choosing sexy styles and carrying yourself with confidence, I assure you you can be sexy AF in white.

Most Common

The most common colour choice for sexy underwear seems to be black and I can see why. Black is a basic colour and while we’re anything but basic at club seven, we can understand the sex appeal exuded by a perky peach and impressive bulge encased in stretchy black scraps of fabric that leave little to the imagination.

Black is a forgiving colour, providing cover for any insecurities a wearer may harbour, leading to increased confidence which ups the sexiness levels by a mile! I want to say “It goes with everything” but I really hope people are not tucking work shirts into black trunks and sprinting out of the house. Knock on wood.

At club seven, we don’t believe there’s a limit to the colours a man can wear to feel sexy. While we offer “basic colours” like black and white, vibrant colours are our bread and butter! We believe a man should have range and we show that in our underwear collections. From the greys, olives and browns all the way to red, moss greens, Yale blues, daisy pinks and everything in between.

top ranking

Oxidised Blue

Our commitment to vibrant, sexy colours has helped many men embrace versatility in their underwear styles and colours. Allow me to present you the club seven bestsellers - Oxidised blue

2nd place

Daisy Pink

Pink is the second most bought colour from the Legacy Collection for men you are not afraid to wear something other than white and black underwear.

3rd place

Copper Orange

The third most bought colour is our Copper Orange colour with black waistband.

I personally believe they all look good enough to eat and clearly so do most of our buyers! I regret to inform you that I shall not be ranking the sexiest underwear colours today, I just can’t decide and you don’t need my rankings to know what colours to buy. Life is too short to live in black and white so let club seven introduce you to a world of vibrant, sexy colours.

Try out a few styles in the most daring colours you can muster and spend some time in front of your mirror to take in the sexy view. Go live life in sexy, sexy colour.